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Thanks goes to unquietspirit… here on dA. she featured one of my black and white IR photography shots! thank you so much for it!
Sorry you guys for being busy lately. I have one shooting pretty soon on a wedding where I'll be responsible for some of the pictures, well and my blog at: is keeping me busy, as you can imagine.

The next thing you can expect here is a tutorial for a DIYS ring flash that I'd like to build for no more than 20$ out of some material that you can get almost everywhere. There are although a few more pictures that await submission here. *smiles*

Hope you are all having a good time! I am back soon! I promise!

Have a good one :blowkiss: Ben

PS: realityfaery: ctyhab! I love it!
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TimePortalStudios Featured By Owner May 4, 2011   Photographer
Congrats, Ben on getting one of your works featured!!!! :party: :cake: :highfive: ;)
benmoll Featured By Owner May 6, 2011  Professional Photographer
thank you so much! I am really happy about the feature honestly! :hug:
TimePortalStudios Featured By Owner May 6, 2011   Photographer
You're welcome, Ben!!!! :highfive: ;)
realityfaery Featured By Owner May 4, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad to hear you are keeping yourself busy :D and congrats on the feature! :dance:
Oh did you ever do that fashion shoot? I'm really curious! :aww: and I would love to hear how the wedding shoot goes after! You will have to give some pointers on that one lol. I'm assuming you are partnering up?
I HAVE to see this DIY ring flash, I would love to have one some day, but of course don't got the money lol, but would be a great alternative if you do post that. I'm eagerly waiting for that now :plotting:

P.S.S. :giggle: Now we'll see if he will be the exact opposite as Acie, quiet and calm. :giggle:
benmoll Featured By Owner May 5, 2011  Professional Photographer
hey hey!
*giggles* well that shoot was really nice, it was more something like a training for me because we were aiming to capture scences at that huge market where the two of us have been to, right there in downtown Munich. You remember? It went really fine, but I still have to have a look ath the pictures.
My website is unfortunately keeping me busy each day so there is hardly room for something else.
I am so curious and it makes me happy that he's fine :) *g* Any ideas for a name for him?

Pah, yea those ringflashes... it's something I always wanted to have as well. Now I built one for (I am sure that the supplies are a lot cheaper in CA than here) 20 EUR so maybe something about $ 20 for you. and it's working exactly like it should and makes wonderful light.
It's made out of two plastic salad bowls, one can, a cutter, some time and a cutting mate that I used as diffusor. Oh, I forgot about the chrome spraypaint *g* please don't use this one without gloves (like I did) - your hand will just get silver for a few days. :blush:
Uploaded two pictures in my Scrapbook here so that you can see the results - I am curious what you think :nod:

*haha* never shot a wedding before. Glad that I am not the only photographer there - there is a professional one coming along as well. So even if my pictures will not be the best, there is for sure some backup! *smiles*

Missed ya and sorry for being so busy, I am always able to read your messages (they really do make me happy), but it's hard to answer right at the moment. sft! :blowkiss:
realityfaery Featured By Owner May 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey :dance: Well training is always fantastic, I would love to take a look at the photos :) I do remember the downtown area, one of my favorite spots of Munich :D
I know the website has been keeping you busy, you have been updating a lot on it :D Its looking great by the way.

Yep everything is great with him, I've been feeling him moving around a lot :giggle: Yea we decided on a name, lol its in the email I sent to you telling you when we found out. You didn't read it!?!

The ring flash looks fantastic!! You gotta teach me how you did that :nod: I would love to have that to use on Acie ;) lol I don't know if my husband will let me use spray paint right now, haha, probably not, I'll just tell him to wear gloves.

Sure the wedding you will get some great shots :) You do good with candid shots, so I know you will get a lot of good ones.

Missed ya too, but know we've both been busy, just glad you still drop a line here and there so I know you're still alive. :D :hug:
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May 4, 2011